New Casino Korea Plans ISN’T a Big Deal

New Casino Korea Plans ISN’T a Big Deal

The story of how Koreans first had become called Casino Korea is quite interesting to say the least. It all started when a small group of South Korean businessmen decided they wished to open up an exceptionally popular all inclusive casino in Seoul. America Consulate was very concerned that there may be some violence or damage done through the opening of this new casino Korea. So they made a deal with the head of the Korea Hotel and Casino Company. The offer was that the head of the company would pay back a few of America’s debt from the construction of the casino and the head of the hotel would give a free pass to all or any his workers to come and work for the casino.

Needless to say this plan worked out very good 시크릿 카지노 because not only achieved it create jobs, but the casino korea opened itself around the many internet gambling possibilities that are offered in south Korea. Since it was such a huge hit it exposed two more casinos in the area. Of course this didn’t sit well with the American Consulate, that was still very worried concerning the political situation in south Korea. So, obviously things really went from bad to worse.

Immediately after these two casinos were open the south Korean businessmen started to strike against the United States Consul. In fact there is even an attempted assassination of him. Eventually america realized that the north Korean government was supporting a campaign of violence against Americans and made a decision to do something about it. Just how that this happened was that they issued visas for some of the south Korean businessmen that helped construct the casinos. Of course this only added fuel to the fire as many more south Korean businessmen were put into the mix.

Eventually the south Korean businessmen took their chance and made a decision to bring a lot more gambling games into the country. Of course because the United States was so upset with the whole situation they quickly revoked the visas that the south Korean businessmen had been working for. Due to this fact the two casinos quickly went out of business. They simply could not match the demand and their main competitor was now the Chinese owned Caesars Palace Hotel.

As you can imagine this didn’t sit well with the common American player. Especially because the United States is trying to find a solution to stop the south Korean folks from stockpiling weapons. Therefore the players who used to play there suddenly disappeared. That’s where things got to be tricky.

But luckily the United States authorities quickly noticed the chance for a solution to this problem and quickly arranged for a gathering between your North and South Korean leadership. At this meeting they quickly realized that the reason that the south Korean individuals were closing their casino gambling establishments was due to United States sanctions. Of course it should be noted that the north Koreans also had a submit this because they were very worried about the United States obtaining a hold of their nuclear weapons.

The north and south Korean governments negotiated a cease fire which meant that all of their casino gambling facilities would get back to operation once more. However, this peace did involve some pretty serious consequences for the north. Simply the north learned that when they continued to help keep shelling the south Korean cities there will be repercussions. Basically, if the United States Navy caught them they might start shelling the north Korean cities as well. The north realized they will be losing their last stand contrary to the United States Navy so they backed down on their actions and the war came to an instant end.

Overall the whole lot was a bit of a PR disaster for the north. Their military had no motivation to keep fighting and they also backed down. In return the south Korean government was happy to have the tourist industry going into their country. So you can see why the new casino korea plans aren’t exactly a big deal and actually really aren’t news at all.